158 Overview of the Telehealth Implementation Support Tool for Jails Seeking to Implement or Expand Virtual Services

This presentation will provide an overview of the Telehealth Implementation Support Tool (TIST) for jail administrators and others interested in implementing or expanding telehealth in correctional facilities. The tool supports those wishing to implement telehealth in planning, selecting, implementing, and evaluating virtual services. Learning Objectives: Describe considerations in telehealth service selection Identify core concepts and […]

157 Using Activity Tracking Devices to Better Monitor Patients With Chronic Care Needs

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections has adopted an advanced surveillance technology: Patient Activity Monitoring and Management Tablets. PAMM is used to monitor those placed on a timed medical/mental health watch. This software records patient observations and syncs the data to the electronic medical record. This workshop discusses this technology, demonstrates how it can be an […]

148 Using Technological Strategies to Combat the Competency Crisis

The inequity between demand for competency evaluation and restoration treatment and availability of professional resources has contributed to a national competency crisis whereby defendants with severe mental illness languish in detention facility awaiting forensic services. This presentation describes various efforts to relieve the burden on strained state mental health systems using technologically enhanced approaches. Learning […]

111 Health Information Technology Supports Reentry Programs and Community Collaborations

Reentry programs require collaborations across systems including legal, correctional, and community health providers. Collecting, sharing, and reporting key outcome measures helped sustain and increase funding for evidence-informed interventions including a public health model for correctional health and transitional care coordination. This session will demonstrate how to adapt and implement these approaches by collecting key data […]