159 Overview of Louisiana’s Pre-release Medicaid Enrollment Program

Participants will receive in-depth explanation of the implementation and day-to-day management of Louisiana’s Pre-release Medicaid Enrollment Program for persons in state custody. State expansion of Medicaid occurred in 2016 and the program was launched in 2017 and is now in 18 correctional facilities. Members with certain medical and behavioral health conditions have the opportunity to […]

136 Effects of Social Determinants of Health on Medication Compliance

Recognizing the impact of social determinants on health lowers the risk of perpetuating a cycle of inequity, disparity, and inequality in health care. Suboptimal compliance and failure to persist with drug treatments are important determinants of therapeutic nonresponse and may be economically significant to individuals as well as society. Correctional health care providers must understand […]

123 Ensuring Continuity of Health Care for Reentry to the Community

This presentation reviews a community reentry program for those with medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment needs. It will outline the requirements for implementing a program, with focus on continuity of care through a medical assistance enrollment processes, partnerships with community providers, and a structured model for program expansion and evaluation. Learning Objectives: Describe […]

111 Health Information Technology Supports Reentry Programs and Community Collaborations

Reentry programs require collaborations across systems including legal, correctional, and community health providers. Collecting, sharing, and reporting key outcome measures helped sustain and increase funding for evidence-informed interventions including a public health model for correctional health and transitional care coordination. This session will demonstrate how to adapt and implement these approaches by collecting key data […]