159 Overview of Louisiana’s Pre-release Medicaid Enrollment Program

Participants will receive in-depth explanation of the implementation and day-to-day management of Louisiana’s Pre-release Medicaid Enrollment Program for persons in state custody. State expansion of Medicaid occurred in 2016 and the program was launched in 2017 and is now in 18 correctional facilities. Members with certain medical and behavioral health conditions have the opportunity to […]

153 Comprehensive Correctional COVID-19 Response With Lessons Learned for the Next Big Epidemic

Epidemics and pandemics have devastated humanity throughout history. With COVID-19, correctional health care faced complex challenges and is considered one of the most high-risk environments for the spread of disease. This talk will describe how one county jail dealt with the challenges. Learning Objectives: Differentiate between epidemic, pandemic, and endemic Review Riverside County Correctional Facility’s […]

128 The New Normal: Strategies for Correctional Health Care Providers in the Shadow of COVID-19

Welcome to the new normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed correctional health care. This presentation will help correctional health care providers to navigate recommended best practices within the constraints and challenges of a correctional institution. It will thoroughly review the unique challenges in jails and prisons and share strategies to assist health care providers in […]

117 Developing a Mental Health Staffing Plan

The importance of appropriate mental health staffing in correctional settings is well established through NCCHC standards, court rulings, and administration expectations. However, determining appropriate staffing for mental health professionals is difficult, as each facility’s needs can be vastly different and these professionals’ jobs can be so varied. This presentation explains how a medium-sized agency developed […]

103 Hunger Strikes: An Overview of Mental Health, Medical, and Administrative Considerations

Hunger strikes in a jail or prison setting pose significant concerns with regards to mental health, medical, administrative, and ethical considerations. This presentation will address crucial topics of a hunger strike and the multidisciplinary approach to managing such an occurrence. A case study will encapsulate the key concepts. Learning Objectives: Distinguish the various medical concerns […]