Wednesday Apr 28, 3:30 PM

157 Using Activity Tracking Devices to Better Monitor Patients With Chronic Care Needs

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections has adopted an advanced surveillance technology: Patient Activity Monitoring and Management Tablets. PAMM is used to monitor those placed on a timed medical/mental health watch. This software records patient observations and syncs the data to the electronic medical record. This workshop discusses this technology, demonstrates how it can be an asset in correctional settings, and exposes the challenges associated with deployment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the use of technology for care of vulnerable patients in a correctional facility
  • Describe ways to quickly implement technology to aid with the continuity of care
  • Discuss how PAMM data can enhance jail safety by highlighting areas for improvement

Level: Intermediate

  • Ashley Biller, MeD, LPCC

    Mental Health Professional

    Wellpath at Louisville Metro Department of Corrections

  • Summer Lagow, LPC

    Mental Health Director

    Louisville Metro DOC Jail Complex and Corrections Center

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