Wednesday Apr 28, 2:30 PM

152 Dental Issues in Correctional Populations

Most correctional patients have neglected their systemic and oral health and cannot appreciate these intertwined aspects of total health. Medical and dental professionals face the constant challenges of limited budgets, understaffing, and an underserved population with diverse medical and oral health needs. This talk will address how medical problems can influence the course of dental treatment for which treatment modifications may be needed, as well as controversies around antibiotic use and abuse.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the most common medical problems among the correctional population and their impact on oral health and dental treatment
  • Differentiate between dental emergencies and urgencies in corrections Summarize the current models for appropriate antibiotic use

Level: Basic

  • Mark Szarejko, DDS, CCHP

    Staff Dentist

    NaphCare, Inc.

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