Wednesday Apr 28, 1:15 PM

148 Using Technological Strategies to Combat the Competency Crisis

The inequity between demand for competency evaluation and restoration treatment and availability of professional resources has contributed to a national competency crisis whereby defendants with severe mental illness languish in detention facility awaiting forensic services. This presentation describes various efforts to relieve the burden on strained state mental health systems using technologically enhanced approaches.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize the current competency crisis that states around the country are facing
  • Describe three strategies that jurisdictions use to combat the competency crisis.
  • Discuss how the use of innovative technological solutions can offset the resource deficits that contribute to the competency crisis.

Level: Intermediate

  • Alison O Jordan, MSW, LCSW


    ACOJA Consulting LLC

  • Amber Simpler, PhD, ABPP

    Chief Psychologist

    NaphCare, Inc.

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