Wednesday Apr 28, 1:15 PM

145 Understanding PTSD: Variances in Response to Trauma

A history of trauma is a common in the corrections population. However, not every person who has experienced a traumatic event also experiences impairment in their functioning or symptoms that rise to the level of a diagnosis. This lecture will explore pre-existing vulnerabilities, factors for resilience, and responses to trauma in perpetrators of violence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define concepts related to PTSD Evaluate effects of trauma on various individuals and variability in resilience
  • Debate whether PTSD can be diagnosed in the perpetrator of a violent or traumatic event

Level: Intermediate

  • Allison Genberg, LCSW, CCHP

    Behavioral Health Director


  • Joel Federbush, MD

    Mental Health Director

    Passaic County Jail

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