Wednesday Apr 28, 11:00 AM

142 The Use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to Reduce Recidivism Rates

Recent research finds that traditional cognitive behavioral therapy approaches do not affect recidivism or release rates. A more specific approach to CBT, dialectical behavior therapy, has much more promising results within the specialized population of the incarcerated. This talk will teach DBT skills and methods in detail for immediate use. It also will cover the four ?types? of the criminal/addictive thinker and research-supported methods to address them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review existing research regarding both CBT and DBT used in the incarcerated population
  • Identify the four “types” of criminal/addictive thinker
  • Apply specialized DBT skills to different “types” of patients

Level: Intermediate

  • Jennifer Weaver-Breitenbecher, LMHC, MA

    Owner & Psychotherapist

    Polaris Counseling & Consulting, LLC

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