Wednesday Apr 28, 10:00 AM

132 The Power of Words: Use of Humanizing Language to Enhance Patient Care

The way we label people has an impact on what we think of them and how we interact with them. Language is key to all health promotion. This talk will focus on the need to prioritize our interactions with our patients to maintain the therapeutic relationship and the need to rehumanize our patients and address them accordingly. This will help us to provide the best care we can for our at-risk population.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine how labels can unconsciously bias our beliefs and impact the care provided
  • Summarize the person-centered -practice framework
  • Discuss changes in one’s perceptions related to words used to describe our patient population

Level: Basic

  • Timothy Thomas, RN, MSN, CCHP

    Regional Nurse Consultant

    Federal Bureau of Prisons

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