Tuesday Apr 27, 2:30 PM

129 Measuring Success in an Addiction Medicine Program at the Cuyahoga County Correction Center

This program grew from the initial goal to provide buprenorphine for pregnant females with opiate use disorder. What followed was the creation of a broader program to provide medication-assisted treatment for the general population. The drug courts identified potential candidates who were screened for the naltrexone program, and now offers buprenorphine options. The goal is harm reduction as well as a reduction in recidivism for all candidates with substance use disorder.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the diagnostic criteria for substance use disorder
  • Describe the development of protocols for acute treatment
  • Examine a model for best practices in a correctional setting

Level: Intermediate

  • Thomas Tallman, DO, CCHP-P

    Addiction Medicine Specialist


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