Tuesday Apr 27, 1:30 PM

123 Ensuring Continuity of Health Care for Reentry to the Community

This presentation reviews a community reentry program for those with medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment needs. It will outline the requirements for implementing a program, with focus on continuity of care through a medical assistance enrollment processes, partnerships with community providers, and a structured model for program expansion and evaluation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the essential role that medical assistance plays in ensuring continuity of care at release
  • Examine the process for developing a network of community providers and associated materials aimed at ensuring proper community linkage postrelease
  • Outline workflow structures for expandable model creation and metrics for program evaluation

Level: Intermediate

  • Leonard Orzechowski, BA, CCHP

    Re-Entry Services Director

    Corizon Health, Inc.- Brentwood Regional

  • Reed Domer-Shank, MS

    Director of Health Information Management

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