Tuesday Apr 27, 1:30 PM

122 Sepsis in Corrections: 911

Sepsis is a serious condition that requires education of all staff in the recognition of signs and symptoms in order to provide early intervention to prevent severe complications, including death. This presentation will review predisposing factors to sepsis, disease process, interventions, and treatment. It will provide the tools to aid in developing a sepsis education program in correctional facilities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Cite the predisposing factors and sequelae of sepsis
  • Using case studies, review the importance of early intervention and treatment
  • Discuss the development of sepsis education for medical and security

Level: Intermediate

  • Cheryl Esposito, RN, MSN, CCHP-RN

    Corporate Clinical Education Director

    Centurion, LLC

  • Diana Ohaus, BSN, CCHP

    Corporate Nurse Educator

    Centurion, LLC

  • Sue Lane, RN, CCHP-A

    Corporate Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator

    Centurion, LLC

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