Tuesday Apr 27, 12:30 PM

114 Radical Engagement: Confined Youth and Nursing Students Coming Together for Learning

In 2016, University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing and Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center developed a collaboration aimed at increasing health literacy among residents and exposing students to the lived experience of confined youth. A faculty member will describe the program focusing on educational objectives for nursing students, and two nursing students will describe their experiences implementing health promotion programs and the impact on their emerging nursing practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe a collaboration in which health sciences students provide health education programming to residents in a juvenile facility
  • Outline the process by which students develop, implement, and evaluate health promotion programming
  • Discuss the impact of radical engagement with confined youth on the professional development of health sciences students

Level: Intermediate

  • Jessica Leonard, BSN, RN

    Clinical Nurse Monitor, Jail Health

    Northwestern Central DuPage Hospital

  • Rebecca Singer, DNP, RN

    Clinical Assistant Professor

    University of Illinois College of Nursing

  • Valencia Short

    Nursing Technician

    University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital

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