Tuesday Apr 27, 9:00 AM

104 Understanding the Application of HIPAA in Corrections

Significant changes in the application of HIPAA to the correctional health care environment have led to confusion as to how the law applies and what correction-specific exemptions exist. This presentation reviews the changes in HIPAA since its inception and examines the current applicability to corrections. Participants will receive advice about the safest practices when faced with requests for patients’ protected health information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review changes in HIPAA legislation as it relates to corrections
  • Discuss the need to obtain a HIPAA-compliant signed authorization before releasing patient information
  • Give examples of how to handle requests for protected health information from the patient or an outside party, such as a criminal attorney

Level: Intermediate

  • Deana Johnson, JD

    Executive Vice President and General Counsel

    Centurion, LLC

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